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Over 40+ years of Braiding Experience.

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Chrisplaits Braiding School


We Encourage you to Book ALL your services online. Securing your appointment and offering full flexibility to change the date if necessary 48 hours before the appt.

If however you wish to book in person or via the phone, we require a Deposit of 50% of the Total, either in cash or via Bank Transfer to secure your booking.

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a Discounted Braided Style for one of you!

Every so often on our Socials, we'd like to pick One Person to do a Discounted Braided Style on!
If you were chosen, we would provide a date and time slot for you, so flexibility is 
Whoever is chosen would then be featured on our socials, showcasing the new ideas for styles!
The Style and Our Time will be Discounted for this, but your experience will be Second to None!
Any aftercare tips and care as always will be shared, and with the opportunity to purchase our Natural Aftercare Products!
Looking Forward to Treating You All Special!


Our Fresha system rewards loyalty with perks for our customers, such as impromtu Discounts for Regulars and more!

This works best if you make your bookings online with us if you don't already, so don't hesitate to switch to Online Booking

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Located at 68 Westbourne Road, Huddersfield, HD1 4LE

We are now located our New Salon at 68 Westbourne Road, Huddersfield, HD1 4LE.

 We are able to continue to deliver in your own homes to existing customers only in exceptional circumstances.

 By appointments booked Online only.

Hair Braiding with/without Extensions

Have your own hair braided into

 Box Braids, Jumbo Braids, Two Strand Twists, Cornrows, Chiny Bumps, Knotless Braids. 

From two Braids to a Full Head, and

 Weaves for length or added volume.  

Hair Braiding extensions can also be used to add Colour to accent your unique personality and style.

Hair Braiding can encourage hair growth, so if you wish to grow out an existing hair style or length, or give your own hair a rest from treatments, this is a great option.

Cornrows or Single Braiding

Different styles of Braiding with or without extensions (also known as protective styling). All braiding allows you to give your hair a rest, promote hair growth and can last for several weeks with our aftercare products and advice. After care and style maintenance advice
Choose your own design or let us inspire you.

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Dreads, Natural or Synthetics

If you've never had dreads, and you was fancying trying them, you can have your own hair dreaded using one of three unique methods. We'd advise booking a Consultation

to be sure you get the correct service. 

We will maintain

them for you on a monthly basis, up to a point when you can maintain them for yourself if you choose.

You can also opt for Pre dreaded D.E. extensions in a variety of colours and lengths.

We also offer repairing of natural dreadlocks as and when needed.

Braid Training for Aspiring Hairbraiders

Would you like to learn the art of Hairbraiding?...

We can train you at our Salon, boosting your own potential.

 A uniquely designed one to one  training programme with all equipment provided. 12 hours training; payable in advance for full course.

Book single hourly sessions too.

Select 'Book Now' for your options or a consultation. 

Thank You.

Braiding Parties

We cater for children's parties, birthdays or special occasions. We provide a range of braiding extensions, accessories and colours. We entertain a party of up to 6 with 1 Adult Only. Fun braiding practice includes; designing single plaits, half head styles and more + a Free Party Bag for each child attending, including Hair Bobbles, Sweets, Hair Accessories etc. Bookings for parties /events are charged at 2 hour intervals. Available to book in advance on Saturdays Only.

Please Select 'Book Now' for a booking or consultation. 

Thank You.

Pricing may vary for our services. Please get in touch using our contact info and we will aim to provide a tailored price dependent upon your needs.


Business Owner & Manager:
Crissy Robertson-Quashie.
Coordinator: Selwyn Robertson-Quashie.


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