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Braid Training

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If you're interested in learning how to do areas such as Cornrows, Adding Extensions for Box Braids, or just want to learn it all in a big bundle, these courses are for you!

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Single Session Courses

Single Session Courses

These hour by hour courses are perfect for the person who only wants to learn just one area in a quick amount of time, maybe you needed a refresher of Cornrows for an hour or two, or you only just want an introduction into the basics of Braiding.

Now you're able to book an hour session of whatever you need to learn, and if you need another hour? Just book another one for whenever you're comfortable!

The options range from Crochet, Cornrows, Extensions for Box Braids and Extensions for Cornrows, starting from £80 per hour. 

Look for the Training Courses and make a booking!

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Full Braid Training Course

If you're aiming to learn every area, Cornrows, Crochet, Box Braids, Extensions and more! This is for you!

This is a full 12 Hour Course, split into sections and spread across a few two hour sessions*, within a time period that suits you!

You would be taught one to one with Crissy, learning at a comfortable pace of course. Once you're done, you should be fully confident in your own abilities to Braid, add extensions and more!

*Only the 1st two hour session can be booked at one time, after each session we can then book your next session.

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